Junior CEO

Introduce the basics of entrepreneurship with case studies of 
McDonalds, AirBnB, Amazon and more!
10 Hours


Every Monday

New batch

Teens learn to lead with entrepreneurship and decision making skills.
🤓 Topics covered during the course:
Value proposition  Canvas
A tool which can help ensure that a product or service is positioned around what the customer values and needs.
Business Models
How cash is earned by a business and how it is spent by the business to function.
Unit Economics
Defines fixed and variable costs and explores how economies of scale and scope can be used to reduce costs.
Innovative businesses that change an existing market, displacing established market-leading firms and products.
Pitching to Investors
How the idea of a business is proposed to investors in order to gain capital.
✅ Program Benefits
Decision making
Long term thinking
🏆 Course challenge:
Creating and pitching a business plan to potential investors
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