Learn how the people behind the brands of
Cadbury, Netflix, Spotify and more are influencing the world with stories
10 Hours


Every Monday

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Teens learn to influence the world with strategic communication skills
🤓 Topics covered during the course:
Market Segmentation
Dividing your potential customers into smaller groups, so that they can be individually catered to more effectively.
Product Positioning
Creating a specific opinion about your product in the minds of your customers, in relation to competing products.
New Product Development
Tailoring your product to fit the customer’s values, needs
and wants.
Unusual Marketing
A look at unconventional means of marketing such as product placements, influencer marketing, sponsorships, and more.
Brand Communication
Creating an effective brand, logo,
and tagline.
✅  Program Benefits
Improved research skills
Ability to negotiate
Strategic communication
🏆 Course challenge:
Creating and launching a viral ad campaign
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