Go beyond coding and learn the journey of tech giants like
Apple, UBER, Facebook and more!
10 Hours


Every Monday

New batch

Teens learn to solve real world problems with technology
🤓 Topics covered during the course:
Algorithms and Functions
The instructions that softwares need to function properly.
New  Technology
Explore the meaning and uses of  Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, and more.
Human-Computer Interactions
How technology and applications are designed with people in mind and how they will be used easily and effectively.
Minimum Viable Product
How to plan an effective prototype of a product to test in the market, and how to adapt to the results of the test.
Tech Plan
How to specify how technology will be used to create a solution to an existing problem.
✅  Program Benefits
Innovation & Problem Solving
Understand emerging tech
Analytic Mindset
🏆 Course challenge:
Solving a business problem with an app based solution 
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