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About Clever Harvey

What is Clever Harvey?

Clever Harvey is an initiative by Ivy League and IIM alumni to help students bridge the gap between academics the real world. Our programs aim to give your child the toolkit for success: - Exposure to a wide variety of career choices - Skills like critical thinking, persuasive communication, strategic thinking, leadership and more - Opportunities to build a portfolio of successes

Who are the founders of Clever Harvey and what is their background?

Sriram Subramaniam, Co-Founder and CEO: Studied at some of the world’s most illustrious institutions - Dhirubhai Ambani Int’l School, Brown University, Imperial College London, and UCL. Prior to Clever Harvey, Ram worked as a consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers in the UK and ran his own racing bike rental business on the side. His first role straight out of college was in managing campaign finance for Democrats (in the US) to fund their election campaigns. He is passionate about education, a voracious reader, and enjoys his role as a mentor for young minds. Madhu Agarwal, Co-Founder and COO: Completed the IB Diploma from Dhirubhai Ambani Int’l School and graduated with an Hons in Law and Business from Warwick University. A qualified solicitor in the UK, she practiced commercial law at Freshfields, London. She is passionate about enriching education with the rigor of thought and discernment required to navigate tomorrow's information driven economy.

Why is it important to start young?

Do you ever find your child bored with school work? It is to be expected - kids are curious and they want to understand the world around them. When we force them to learn subjects without application, they get bored and disconnect. It is important to give them access to learning which is application-based, relevant to the world around them and gives them the ability to build something of their own. This keeps their curiosity and ambition to learn alive.

Why does Clever Harvey use a case-study based approach?

The case-study based approach has been shown to be most successful in helping students develop application-oriented thinking. It is used by leading institutes worldwide, including Harvard, MIT, Oxford and IIMs. We use case studies to simplify the concepts for our young students and to help them apply what they are learning to the real world around them.

What is Clever Harvey’s USP? How is it different from other ed-tech companies that build skills?

96% of JuniorMBA parents have told us that their teenagers are more curious and participatory in discussing their futures. That’s because the JuniorMBA program enables them with real world case studies of silicon valley giants to unicorn startups. They learn about strengths and weaknesses of companies and are encouraged to think strategically. Every session brings to light something new that can be applied to their idea. This hones their entrepreneurial and leadership skills.. Not only have they learnt the hard skills but also various soft skills through the program.

Aren’t kids too young to learn all this?

Our educational system forces students to pick a stream - Commerce, Science or Arts at the age of 15. We want them to feel confident when they make a choice that they have made the right choice. The Clever Harvey programs help them experience different fields and roles to make the right choice for the rest of their lives.

Is there a demo/trial session available?

Yes! You can book a demo direcly on our site or speak to a counsellor to attend a free trial class.

About JuniorMBA

What is the JuniorMBA program?

The JuniorMBA has 3 courses – The JuniorCEO, JuniorCMO and JuniorCTO. It aims to equip teenagers with 21st century skills that are essential for their success in the future that focus on creativity & problem solving, decision-making, strategic communication and knowledge of emerging technologies. Teenagers are presented with real world case studies, jargon free real world concepts. To apply their learning, JuniorMBAs are expected to present their own business idea, creative ad campaigns and a website or app based solution to a real world business problem. Click here to know more!

What are you teaching that the school doesn't teach? Is it beneficial alongside school?

While traditional schooling is limited to books and core subjects, the JuniorMBA program exposes your child to real world businesses. Teenagers nowadays find it very easy to identify what a uniformed professional does. But the larger chink of population that goes to work, does not wear a uniform i.e. the corporate sector. JuniorMBA does 3 things: - Develops a solution-oriented mindset to excel in the future. - Develop awareness about key roles in the company. - Through the learn and apply route of real world case studies, we bring them closer to the world of a CEO, CMO and CTO Hence, the JuniorMBA program alongside schooling will enable relevant skills for teenagers that are necessary to succeed in the real world.

What is the JuniorCEO and what skills will my teenager learn in this program?

The JuniorCEO is a 10 day LIVE online and interactive program. It equips teenagers with entrepreneurial and decision-making skills of a Chief Executive Officer. They develop their decision making ability, strategic long-term thinking, and their ability to identify opportunities. These skills are put to test with our JuniorCEO challenge by pitching their project to a bunch of potential investors. Thereby bringing them closer to the real world.

How do you cover everything and prepare them in just 10 days ?

We have designed a curriculum that is short, but intensive. Students are expected to to spend a few hours on their own to build on what they learnt during the course. Since the teacher to student ratio is 1:10, we make sure we give every teenager individual, personalised feedback and attention to make sure they are comfortable with the pace. To further build on what they have learnt we encourage our JuniorMBAs to take part in the Online Innovation Summit (OIS).

What happens once my child completes the JuniorMBA course?

Let our proud and happy parents answer this for you: “My teenager has never been this interested to talk about his future”, JuniorMBA Shashank’s Mom. “Her confidence is at an all time high”, JuniorMBA Akshita’s Dad. “We discuss company ads, business models, websites and apps over food now”, JuniorMBA Sonam’s Mom “He’s now always talking about creating games rather than playing them”, JuniorMBA Tejas’s Mom. Our turn now: In our attempt to bring teenagers to the real world, we encourage JuniorMBAs to participate in the Online Innovation Summit (OIS). The OIS is a 2-round competition where JuniorMBAs pitch their ideas to the world. Top 12 teams qualify to present their projects to corporate leaders and investors. They also stand a chance to win a cash prize of Rs. 25,000!

What age group is the JuniorMBA program for?

Teenagers aged 13 - 18.

How is the curriculum structured?

Clever Harvey's proprietary curriculum is based on project-based learning principles and is developed with inputs from academic advisors and industry experts. The curriculum uses a "C-C-C" approach: our facilitators use case studies to bring to life the key concepts of an MBA which students then apply to a challenge. The relatable examples help even middle-school students grapple with complex ideas and the project-based approach allows them to demonstrate their understanding through direct application. It is designed to provide genuine opportunities for high-quality instruction and multiple points of entry into cognitive and soft skill development.

What is a JuniorCTO and what skills will my teenager learn in this program?

The JuniorCTO is a 10 day LIVE online and interactive program. It equips teenagers to go beyond coding and build the analytical and problem-solving skills of a Chief Technology Officer. They understand emerging technologies and how to use them, develop an analytical mindset that focuses on innovation and problem solving. The JuniorCTO challenge enables them to present their tech plan to tech leaders of the corporate world.

What is a JuniorCMO and what skills will my teenager learn in this program?

In 10 LIVE online and interactive classes, teenagers learn to influence the world by developing strategic communication skills of a Chief Marketing Officer. JuniorCMO focuses on Identifying patterns, improving research skills, strengthening concept development, and developing the ability to negotiate. These skills are put to test with our JuniorCMO challenge where they present their marketing plan to real world marketing leaders. Thereby bringing them closer to the real world.

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