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Outsmart the Future

Online co-curricular program for Grades 6 & 7

Maa, the Future is Here...

It is not a fear of the future any longer, it is a lesson from the present. The world is changing too rapidly for our collective understanding. Beyond the technical learnings of the classroom, we certainly need a deeper adaptability that helps us rise above these unseen circumstances and overcome every challenge. 
Clever Harvey brings you India's first program for adaptability skills - a unique online program that has been designed by the masters of the trade and is adopted by hundreds of institutions worldwide.

So what is


Build Adaptability

with the League of Innovators - an online learning program for Adaptability, Innovation, and Problem-Solving Skills to help prepare your child for an uncertain future

In 12 weeks

your child will build essential future-readiness skills while solving seven innovation challenges based on real-world case studies

Discover & Build

your child's Adaptability Quotient (AQ) with a detailed report on their future-readiness skills

The Impact   on your Child

Agility & Adaptability Skills

Innovation and creativity

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills

Planning and budgeting skills

Get Certified by Ivy League Faculty!

A mandatory program in over 100+ leading schools is now available for your child

Program Outline
Here is a sneak peek at what students learn


Adaptability is the need of the hour: Help parents access it 

A simple, cost-effective step to help  children become resilient and adaptable

Full suite of online co-curricular programs available from Grades 6 to 12

Reduce the burden on teachers: Our facilitators will conduct 2 online sessions per week x 12 weeks with a parent showcase at the end

When schools are constrained financially, an attractive option



Students trained





Clever Harvey

A subsidiary of Callido Learning Pvt. Ltd., Clever Harvey's programs for 21st Century Skills bridge the gap between academics and the real world and help every learner compete globally.

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