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Co-curricular programs in schools

Dear Educators,

We salute your perseverance! You went beyond the call of duty to keep learning on track even as schools coped with a once-in-a-lifetime shock to the system.


The challenge is not over. Restarting schools after the lockdown with social distancing rules will test the skills of even the most able school administrators and educators!

To help schools cope with this challenge, CleverHarvey brings you a collection of timely online co-curricular programs that helps students build adaptability, innovation and real-world skills.


Grades 6 - 7

India's first adaptability skills program!


Unleash innovation, critical thinking & problem-solving skills 


Projects aligned to
UN Sustainable Development Goals

Grades 8 - 12

India's first program for commercial acumen


Learn the skills of a CEO!


Learn to spot an opportunity, build a product, forge a team, find a business model and present a business plan, to investors!

All CleverHarvey Programs are

Ivy League Faculty to build the student's CV
All programs are 2 sessions per week x 10 weeks
in live, interactive sessions with CleverHarvey facilitators
Maximum batch-size of 1:15 online
kid in mask.png

How Schools Benefit

Offer a timely & relevant program

Every parent is acutely aware of the need for adaptability and life skills in this environment. 

Reduce teachers' workload

Our facilitators will conduct 2 online sessions per week x 12 weeks with a parent showcase at the end!

Improve fee recovery

And strengthen parent relations by widening the school offering to include holistic development of the child

We are a Callido Learning partner

Callido's programs for 21st Century Skills are an integral part of the curriculum at over 120 schools worldwide

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